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You could start out at your local library. No, don’t laugh. You will find many books on marketing and internet marketing at your local library. Although there are differences between brick and mortar marketing and internet marketing, many of the older techniques still hold true. So, revive that tattered library card and put it to good use.

Article directories are another good source of information. Join several of them and peruse the articles that are available. You will find tons of free information. Much of the content in article directories is current and up to date. Not only that, these articles have been written by experts in the internet marketing field. One of the things that I like about the article directories is that in the better directories, the articles are reviewed prior to publication so that you are unlikely to get erroneous information.

Another great way to get current marketing information is to join some of the internet marketing forums. These are people who have the same interests as you and are more than willing to discuss their successes and failures with you. It doesn’t take long to figure out who is giving expert advice and who is just using the forums to promote their own products. Read with care, ask questions and if you have expertise in the questions asked, go ahead and share your knowledge. If you use the forums as a learning exercise, you can get plenty of great help in growing your business. If you spam the forums, you will find yourself banned and your reputation will suffer.

Sign up for mailing lists. There are a ton of mailing lists available on the net and while their true intent is to sell you something, along the way you can also glean plenty of good internet marketing tips. If you can read them without getting caught up in the hype, they can be another good source of information.

I personally belong to about 50 mailing lists. I set up an entirely separate email account so that it does not interfere with my regular email communications. There are many choices but, I personally use Gmail as they do not pre-screen the email and leave that up to me. So far, I have never had a problem with opting out of a list that I found had a poor spam to content ratio. Either way, it is a disposable account and if it gets over-spammed, I can always just stop using it.

One of the things that I do with the mailing lists is set up a several extra file folders. They are titled: content, sales letters and Nlfodder. Most of the lists, I delete immediately but, many times I find information that has really good content and I will learn something from it, so these I save under the content folder. Sometimes, I receive an email that contains a really great sales letter and these I save in the sales letter folder so that I can take my time and figure out why the sales letter works so well. The last folder is my Nlfodder file and this is just a file for good newsletter ideas. I am always looking for information that will help the people on my list become a success. I am successful in proportion to the number of successful internet marketers that I produce. Just remember, always give credit where credit is due.

Don’t forget your local community college. Many of them have programs on internet marketing and most are really good programs, produced and taught by a successful internet marketer. In addition to the education, you also get to network with like minded individuals who you may ultimately wish to partner with on future projects.

Another way to get your marketing education is to do keyword searches. Although you will get a ton of sales promotion, you can also get some really great information. All you need do is take the time to separate the wheat from the chaff and you can glean some very valuable information. One of the things that I do is look at the paid ads. If I continually see the same ads appearing on the first page of the search results, I know that ad is producing an income for someone. If it were not, then I would not see the ad constantly repeated. I personally don’t use PPC ads but I respect those marketers who are successful and try to learn from them.

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